"We are driven by the knowledge that personal development is always within reach, and experience is the hand with which we grasp it."

Cordele Glass m.a.

CEO/Founder, Positive Psychology Coach

Cordele grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he first discovered a passion for the outdoors in the majesty of the Coastal Redwood Groves. As a competitive percussionist he began to observe and admire the process of learning, improving, and developing. This led him to earn his B.A. in Psychology and Applied Developmental Psychology from UCLA in 2015. In order to experience how people change over time he began systematically working with different ages of people from infants and children, to teens, young adults, and established professionals. Roles like Teambuilding Facilitator, and Adventure Instructor helped him see the importance of hands-on learning in the process of sustained personal growth. To learn more about how deeply people can grow, and the science behind these processes, he earned his M.A. in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University in 2018. After failing to find any companies offering the framework for growth he has come to know and love, he designed Upward Acts with the intention of blending the excitement of new ideas and adventurous experiences with the careful facilitation of trained professionals who use a rigorous scientific foundation to support the discussions, the activities, and the process itself. Cordele has been featured in Positive Psychology News, and he continues to grow his craft every day.

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Andrew martin b.a.

COO, Expedition Facilitator

Alex basA

CCO, Head of Marketing and Digital Infrastructure


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Expedition Facilitator