—Frequently Asked Questions—

| What is Positive Psychology?

Put simply, Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human excellence. Researchers and practitioners in the field of Positive Psychology abandon the medical model which asks what is wrong, and how do we fix it? Instead, we ask What is going right, and how can we capitalize on it? Rather than consulting a manual filled with disorders, and illnesses, we look to people's core strengths of character, their values, and their interests. What makes people truly happy? How do people find meaning in their lives? What are the characteristics of a person who is fully engaged in life? How can one truly live "The Good Life"? These questions lie squarely in the domain of Positive Psychology, and their answers are sought with the help of rigorous research methods from renowned scholars all over the world. At Upward Acts we use Positive Psychology assessments such as the VIA Character Strengths Survey to understand how to meet our clients where they are right now. We use theoretical foundations to guide our questions, our suggestions, and our coaching process like Barabara Fredrickson's Broaden and Build Theory, or Richard Lerner's Theory of Developmental systems. Finally, we use empirically supported Positive Psychology Activities that have been proven to make substantial positive changes in people's lives. 

| What if I'm not ready for any extreme adventures?

Every activity, expedition, and adventure-sport is designed for YOU. This means if we are about to embark on an adventure that is far beyond your ability, then we aren't doing our job well. That is not to say that every adventure should be an easy-breezy piece of cake. The idea behind adventure programming and development through experiential education is finding an appropriate challenge. The only way to fully learn and grow is to leave your comfort zone and try something that is a little new. This can often be difficult, scary, or frustrating, but in the context of a controlled learning environment those are merely indicators of transformation oppurtunities and the possibility of change. The coaches and facilitators with Upward Acts have many years of experience that help them work with you to find out where your comfort levels are. This helps them get you outside of your comfort zone without pushing you into anxiety, fear, and panic. Every expedition is optional, and every adventure-sport is discussed and planned with your input and consideration. 

| Who would benefit most from an Upward Acts Coaching Package?

Positive Psychology Coaching is not therapy, so we are not necessarily concerned with fixing debilitating problems, healing trauma, or remediating illnesses. Instead, we focus on the process of mastery and expert performance. People who are motivated to go further than "good enough", "normal", or just "OK". Positive Psychology operates under the idea that there is more to living a full life than simply removing all of your problems. Some people want to move beyond surviving and dive straight into the heart of thriving. These people may be in an established career with room for growth, in the midst of a big life transition, currently working toward achieving a significant life goal, or are merely languishing and looking for a way to find peace and purpose. Listed below are more characteristics of someone who would truly benefit from an Upward Acts coaching package. 

  • Someone who has had some type of experience, big or small, that has motivated them to make profound positive changes in their life
  • Someone who is interested in exploring and connecting with their local natural environment
  • Someone who is interested and open to new experiences, new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, and, most importantly, new ways of understanding the world
  • Someone who isn't sure about how to make positive change, and would like to learn more about the scientific evidence-based practices that are involved